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How Do Crowns and Bridges Work?

February 25, 2022
Posted By: Loftus Family Dentistry
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Dental crowns in Dallas, TX work beautifully on their own for various purposes. But they also play an essential role in tooth replacement—capping a dental implant or anchoring a dental bridge.

Quality Dental Crowns Near Addison, TX

A dental crown is shaped like a tooth. It is hollow and fits over a treated tooth to the gumline. Your dentist always shades and shapes the crown to look natural among your teeth.

A dental crown is often the final step if you have root canal treatment. It caps the treated tooth to restore stability. It also works on a damaged tooth at risk for loss—for example, trauma or deep decay.

In cosmetic dentistry, you can opt for a dental crown to conceal tooth flaws like discoloration, shape issues, or chips.

And the dental crown tops a dental implant post and anchors a dental bridge in tooth replacement.

A Natural-Looking Dental Bridge in Dallas, TX

Replacing missing teeth is vital to your long-term oral health. Without tooth replacement, you risk tooth migration—teeth shifting into smile gaps. In addition, you risk further tooth loss due to an uneven or disrupted bite surface when this happens.

A dental bridge is an excellent way to prevent tooth migration. It comprises one or two artificial teeth cemented between two tooth crowns. Your dentist caps healthy teeth with crowns, allowing the artificial teeth to restore your smile.

With your dental bridge, you’ll be able to smile with confidence and enjoy a diverse diet.

Caring for Crowns and Bridges

Dental crowns on their own don’t require added maintenance. You treat them as if they are natural teeth. However, a dental bridge should be cleaned with a special brush and floss threader for best results.

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