Full and Partial Dentures

Tooth loss has profound and far-reaching effects on our daily lives. From devastating our confidence and self-image to its many oral health repercussions, Dr. Loftus and our team understand our patients’ needs to feel whole and complete again. This is why we offer tooth replacement services, including full and partial custom dentures. Our goal is to help our community members who suffered from tooth loss regain oral function and confidence. With a compassionate approach, we aim to give our patients reasons to smile again.

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The old adage, “we don’t know what we have until it’s gone,” rings true for those who have lost one or more teeth. This is because most people don’t realize how big a role our teeth play in our lives. From chewing and tearing food to speaking with clear pronunciation, teeth are crucial.

Beyond the functionality of having a complete smile are the psychological effects of losing teeth. Many adults who have failing or missing teeth develop depression and social anxiety because living without teeth makes folks feel embarrassed and incomplete.

Full and Partial Custom Dentures

At Loftus Family Dentistry, we collaborate closely with dental lab technicians to custom-fabricate the perfect dentures for you. Using accurate and precise impressions, we tailor your restoration to craft your personalized smile out of high-quality dental materials.

Since your full or partial dentures are designed to fit the shape of your mouth and gum line perfectly, patients can enjoy their beautiful new smiles.

Partial dentures restore a few missing teeth using metal clasps that attach to adjacent, whereas full dentures restore an entire arch by adhering to the gum line curve. 

During your dental appointment with us, Dr. Loftus will make impressions that we send to the dental lab. Our dental materials accurately mimic the natural translucency of enamel, and the acrylic baseline is shaded to match your gums, recreating your gorgeous, natural-looking smile.

Mini-Implant Supported Denturesman smiling

For those who require extra support, Dr. Loftus provides mini-dental implant placement for securing dentures. Mini-implants are surgically embedded into the jawbone and will hold dentures in place with abutments.

An implant will essentially function similarly to a tooth’s root. Using dental implants to secure dentures is especially useful in the lower jaw. Patients who have experienced bone loss may benefit from this method.

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