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How are partial dentures different from bridges?

Replacing missing teeth is crucial to your long-term oral health and emotional well-being. You can feel confident again and enjoy your meals with a full smile. You can smile without worry and speak freely.

If you’re considering tooth replacement, you’ve likely heard about dental bridges and partial dentures. Both restore your smile, but they do so in different ways.

A partial denture in Addison, TX, is replacement teeth situated on an arch. The arch fits over your gums, allowing the restoring teeth to fill any gaps. The partial uses healthy teeth, special clips, gravity, and gum ridges for stability. Additionally, partials are customized to match your natural teeth.

A dental bridge also replaces missing teeth. It is a restoration tooth or teeth cemented between dental crowns. Crowns cap two of your remaining teeth, and the bridge fills in the space. Like partials, your bridge is custom-made to complement your remaining teeth.

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